Asian Cultural Center of Vermont, Inc. (ACCVT) is an educational resources agency dedicated to connecting people through the arts and cultures of Asia. These connections come through festivals, films, forums, exhibitions, presentations, and other community learning/sharing opportunities. ACCVT roles vary depending on the activity and may include one or more of the following: coordination, collaboration, liaison, and promotion. There are ACCVT activities for all ages and a wide variety of groups, including institutions, corporations and other organizations, individuals, families, elementary, middle and high school students and school staff, preschool and early childhood, home schooling families, college and adult, seniors, multi-generation groups, community centers, and youth groups.

ACCVT’s scope aims to be continental, celebrating cultures of countries and peoples from the Pacific to the Mediterranean and from the Arctic to the Indian Oceans, and including the Eurasian Caucasus region. This celebration of cultures seeks to promote the following …
* improved cross-cultural understanding,
* making the world a better place,
* promoting cross-cultural approaches for the care and respect of the natural world – the land, the sea and the air,
* consider a variety of approaches to community-based problem solving,
* promoting and celebrating recent, present and future investment in the arts and culture industry as an economic engine,
* acknowledging and celebrating cross-cultural solutions across the various sectors of the economy;
* support and promote forums, through dialogue and exploration, to consider culture in its many aspects through…

  • the arts, the design of creative solutions, the appreciation of skill and craft
  • language, interaction and communication;
  • customs, values, tradition, change, health and well-being;
  • the economy and approaches to community economic health;

The overarching goals of Asian Cultural Center of Vermont (ACCVT) consist of a fivefold interconnected approach:

  • promoting greater understanding across different cultures;
  • communicating and engaging with others through arts, language and culture;
  • gaining mastery through hands-on activity;
  • celebrating with exploration and dialogue;
  • recognizing, honoring and exploring the value and relevance of the arts and cultures of peoples across Asia from the Pacific to the Mediterranean and from the Arctic to the Indian Oceans
    These goals are powered by a vision of individuals and institutions drawing from the beauty and wisdom of Asian visual and expressive arts to create peace and prosperity.

Visit the ‘Contact’ page for inquiries, comments and questions and to be notified of upcoming events. For further information about events, programs and policies related to the Asian Cultural Center of Vermont (ACCVT), contact ACCVT Executive Director Adam Silver, (802) 257-7898, ext.1. As a 501(c)(3) tax exempt nonprofit corporation, ACCVT strives to provide and promote public events and activities that are either free or within the means of all, accessible and supportive for all. To volunteer, or to invest in what ACCVT is doing, visit the ‘Support’ page or contact the Executive Director by phone or email.

An explanation of the Asian Cultural Center of Vermont, Inc. (ACCVT) logo:
Asian Cultural Center of Vermont (ACCVT) logo
Above, in black, the character for ‘people’, also serving as a roof. All Asian cultures under the common roof of people connecting with each other. Below, in green, the character for ‘door’: entering the door of learning about Asian culture with the base of operations in the Green Mountain State of Vermont.