• Adam Silver. Adam_SilverExecutive Director and Co-Founder. Ex officio board trustee. Adam is an educator and arts administrator. With working knowledge of Chinese, French, Spanish and Hindi, he was a Watson Fellow in India, Nepal and China, and has a special interest in cross-cultural communications. He is a scholar of Asian art, architecture and literature, and of cross cultural studies at the intersection of art, philosophy, psychology and world religions. He has degrees in Art History, Education and Evaluation, advanced certification in Educational Administration and Supervision, and, graduate work in Accounting, Information Technology, Teaching English as a Second Language, and Language Learning. He is webmaster and chief publicist for the Cultural Center.




    • Cai Xi. Cai_Xi_SilverArtistic Director and Co-Founder. Ex officio board trustee. Painter, t’ai chi master, caterer, art and language instructor, Cai has been giving Chinese cultural and arts performances since 1995 presenting for pre-kindergarten through college-level adults. Her residencies have included supervisory unions, school districts, statewide Arts events, public and private schools, home schooling and early childhood groups, summer programs, teacher training, and community festivals. Cai offers a variety of arts and culture workshops. She has worked in film, theatre and television doing scenic painting, costume, make-up and stage design. Her versatility in painting includes traditional Chinese brush, ink and calligraphy, abstract performance action painting, luminous landscapes, larger than life portraits, mixed media installations, and exhibition curating. Her live action painting, performance art, and art happenings have been presented on Vimeo, YouTube, in Boston and Manchester, VT, and in Brattleboro on the New England Youth Theatre stage, and filmed live for public television, BCTV and in New York on WNYE. A 2010 Fellow at Vermont Studio Center, and 2010-2011 recipient of an Arts Endowment Grant from the Vermont Community Foundation, she has her MFA in Visual Arts from Vermont College of Fine Arts. She is featured in the exhibition at Brattleboro Museum, Hot Pot: A Taste of Contemporary Chinese Art.




    • Michelle Mahin. Michelle_MahinBoard President. Board Trustee. Executive director of KidsPLAYce, a storybook themed indoor play space for caregivers and children ages birth-6, established in 1983, non profit, located in downtown Brattleboro. Self employed owner of Everything Counts! as a bookkeeper for non profits and small businesses. “My mother is from Taiwan, my father of Scottish and Irish descent.” Born in Southern California, she came to New England in 1997. “I wish to steep my four children in the beauty and richness of Asian culture. I am enchanted by the study and wisdom of eastern healing arts, oral tradition, ancient symbols and music.”




    • Norma Willingham. Norma-WillinghamBoard Vice President. Board Trustee. Norma came to her interest in Asia when her daughter Grace was adopted from China in 1996. Norma has been part of a group that for a number of years sponsored the public Autumn Moon Festival and Lunar New Year celebrations which are now under the auspices of ACCVT. She is pleased to be part of an organization that is promoting a deeper understanding of all of Asia, not just China, and feels this kind of exposure is important for all children. She is an assistant professor at Landmark College.




    • Marie Procter. Marie-ProcterBoard Secretary/Treasurer. Board Trustee. Marie has graduate degrees in Psychology and Education, attended the School for International Training has been an elementary school teacher, directed an early childhood center, has been a trustee of the Arts Council of Windham County for more than 20 years, President of the Council for 19, and served as Secretary for Baha’i administrative bodies for over 40 years, Marie has traveled to most of the 50 states in the Union. She has traveled to a number of International Baha’i Conferences through the years and have been on Pilgrimage to the Baha’i World Centre in Haifa, Israel. Countries visited include: Canada, Mexico, Nicaragua, Jamaica, Panama, Costa Rica, India, Japan, Pakistan, Nepal, Goa, Turkey, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Greece, England, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Zambia, Swaziland, and Mozambique. Marie states: “I think of the earth is one country and that mankind are its citizens. We are all one people in spirit and each person has something unique to contribute. The diverse cultures in the world add to the richness of our experience on this planet. I believe that we are here to realize our common destiny and to help each other reach our full potential during our time on earth.”


    • Marni Rosner. Marni_RosnerMarni is a semi retired high school teacher and Putney resident who first visited China as a teenager in 1971, and has lived, taught, raised a family, and travelled extensively in China and SE Asia in the four subsequent decades. She served on the Board of Trustees of the Jane Goodall Institute- China and brings her experience in promoting cultural and educational exchanges to the ACCVT.




    • Assadulah Akhlaqi. Assad_AkhlaqiAssad is a technician working in the IT department at the Putney School. He is originally from Afghanistan and now lives in Putney. Eight years ago, he attended Putney School and then went to Champlain College to get his bachelors degree in Computer Science. He has traveled to Pakistan, India, United Arab Emirates, Germany and the United States. He speaks Dari/Farsi, Pashto, English and little Arabic and Urdu. He likes meeting people from diverse backgrounds and getting to know their culture and traditions. His favorite food is Kofte Kebab and he loves cooking. He likes watching sci fi movies and listening to great Persian music as well as music from everywhere in different languages. He likes reading books, telling stories and traveling.




  • Carl Crook.