Kiri-e: Fabric Collage Pictures by Young Women Survivors of the Hiroshima Aftermath

An opportunity to see this extraordinary exhibition on loan from Phyllis Rodin, at the C.X. Silver Gallery, 814 Western Avenue in West Brattleboro, open daily, 10 am to 8 pm, by appointment. (802) 257-7898 or (802) 579-9088. This exhibition continues, ongoing, year round, on long term loan from Phyllis Rodin. These artworks were made from tiny strips of cloth (kiri, in Japanese, means to cut) by Japanese students of a Hiroshima high school during the months and years following the devastation of 1945. What Ataki-san taught was kiri-e, a formal kind of fabric collage which uses tiny scraps of colored cloth held down to board or paper with hand-mixed rice glue. Kiri-ez is more often seen as paper on paper. At that time, Ataki-san patiently taught the girls how separate fabric pieces in colors and patterns that would form the palette and then how to create the pictures., Over the next months, the girls created dozens of these paintings, mostly of traditional Japanese life and of remembered scenes around Hiroshima. Other images of the kiri-e can be viewed by clicking here. You can view videos of Phyllis introducing the kiri-e painting collection at www.youtube.com and by clicking here. Opportunities to view the kiri-e include: daily at the C.X. Silver Gallery, by appointment, 802-579-9088 and, on display during the following annual events:

  • Annual Brattleboro events: First Friday of August, downtown Brattleboro, 5-6pm, Moment of Peace, Remembrance of Hiroshima, at Centre Congregational Church, 193 Main St., Brattleboro, VT.
  • Japan Fest at Brattleboro Museum celebrating Tanabata/Obon Double Festival (August).
  • The Vermont Samurai Kaiju Festival at the Latchis Theatre, the third weekend of October.
  • Shogatsu New Years Festival (Jan. 1)
Phyllis Rodin, who has loaned ACCVT the collection of Hiroshima kiri-e collage works
Phyllis Rodin, who has loaned ACCVT the collection of Hiroshima kiri-e collage works

The lender of this exquisite collection of Hiroshima kiri-e fabric collage pictures is 96-year-old Phyllis Rodin. For further information, contact Adam Silver, (802) 257-7898, ext. 1. You can view videos of Phyllis introducing the kiri-e fabric collage artworks collection at www.youtube.com. In 1967-1968, Phyllis Rodin helped many at the Hiroshima Hospital including some of the 150,000 hibakusha (“explosion-affected people” – survivors) who had been readmitted to the hospital two decades after 1945 who were dealing with incapacitating post-traumatic stress. After many months working bedside, and in honor and gratitude for her work in the city, Ataki-san and the people of Hiroshima presented Phyllis with a number of these now-rare kiri-e fabric collage pictures. With this collection of kiri-e, Phyllis has toured many cities and countries raising awareness of the dangers of nuclear devastation and war and the alternative of Peace through Beauty. An inspiring speaker, she has a momentum about her cause for Creating Peace that shines with her fire of determination to keep reaching out to others.