Sunday, November 15 2015, 1:00-3:00pm: Asian Cultural Center of Vermont (ACCVT) presents

Diwali New Year Festival of India

downtown at 118 Elliot , Brattleboro, VT. All ages and ethnicities welcome. Family friendly. Vegetarian potluck refreshments. Ras Garbha community dance to join in, learn (no prior experience needed), or watch. Trying on a sari. Henna decoration. Making paper Diwali lanterns. Community art: making a rangoli, an auspicious circular design usually done in sand but also (and in this case) done with flowers, pine cones, leaves, and dry beans and lentils (find some of these to bring to the festival – for flowers, bring ones that have a lot of petals like chrysanthemums – traditional flower petal colors are white, red and yellow.) Music to dance the dandhiya ras, traditional to Diwali and Navatratri festivals. A free event with donations welcome to help offset the expense of space rental. Further information: Adam Silver, 802-257-7898, allAsia@accvt.org

the Ras Garbha dance at Diwali New Year Festival of India henna decoration Diwali New Year Festival of India sari-01+

This (below) is an example of the kind of rangoli we can make together as a community project of temporary art on Sunday, November 15th, setup starting at 12 noon. Thanks to Prachi Dalal for creating this rangoli with the students at Orchard Hill School recently. A rangoli is a form of traditional folk art created with much variety in many parts of India, the subcontinent and Hindu culture worldwide. Patterns are created on the floor or ground, often with sand or flour dyed in different colors, but also (and in this case of this weekend’s activity in Brattleboro) with flower petals (red, white and yellow are traditionally used with a little of other colors), pine cones and leaves, dry beans and lentils. The rangoli functions to welcome people to one’s place, to attune to deity energy, to auspicious space-time, and to prosperity for all. This is a call-out to everyone wanting to participate in this Sunday’s Diwali festival downtown at 118 Elliott to please bring materials for the rangoli. Rangoli by Prachi Dalal and Orchard Hill preschoolers