With great appreciation, Asian Cultural Center of Vermont (ACCVT) has received a hina-ningyo display, a set of ornamental dolls that celebrate one of the most important festivals of Japan. The display, on a specially made platform, is recreated during the days leading up to Japan’s Hinamatsuri (Doll Festival) on March 3, celebrated for centuries up to and including the present day. The Doll Festival is full of wishes for happiness, healthy growth and success. This display was donated to ACCVT by Hatsue Yokoi with thanks to Setsuko and Akio Ichinomiya for finding the display, preparing it and sending it to Vermont. Thank you to Yasuko Ichinomiya for setting up the display. The dolls have the traditional 9th to 12th century court dress of Japan’s Heian Period. The doll displays are generally heirlooms passed down within families. ACCVT is indeed fortunate to acquire this set. Hinamatsuri, Japan’s doll festival, featuring this hina-ningyo display, will be celebrated in Brattleboro, Vermont by ACCVT at C.X. Silver Gallery, 814 Western Avenue, in West Brattleboro, VT, on Sunday March 3, 2013, 1-3pm. All welcome. Potluck refreshments. A free event, with donations to ACCVT, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational resource organization, always welcome to help with programming costs.